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Селска Kъща на 15 км от Свиленград , близо до язовир, река и исторически забележителности. Имотът е ремонтиран 2012г и е прекрасен за вашата почивка в село Левка. Състои се от по 2стаи и салон на втори етаж с ново дюшеме и ламперия, както и напълно оборудвана баня. Първи етаж се състои от стая и салон, ремонтирани с красив камъчен теракот и дървена ламперия на тавана.

RENT this two storey house, centrally located in a quiet and picturesque village with friendly neighborhood located in close proximity to the town of Svilengrad. The property is featuring 100sq.m. living and entertainment space and 1700sq.m. land area.

Come and Visit our house and feel the energy of Sakar Mountain! We will show you a lot of sightseeing in the area! THE PRICE IS 300 euro FOR LONG TERM RENT!

The village of Levka is located in South-Central Bulgaria. It is part of Svilengrad Municipality, Haskovo District. This calm village is situated in the small valley of the river Levka in the southern slopes of Sakar Mountain. The disposition of the village is as follow: 17km from the municipality center of SVILENGRAD; 50km from the famous town of ELHOVO; 157 km from the Black sea coast in the town of BOURGAS; 311 km from the so-called sea capital city of Bulgaria – VARNA; 300 km from the rich capital city of SOFIA.

The town of Svilengrad is known as a border town because it is on a two borders – Turkish and Greek. So if you decide to RENT the property you will have the opportunity to go often on a trip to the centuries old Greece and charming oriental Turkey.

This region owes its spectacular view to the evergreen mountain and the mild Mediterranean climate makes it the perfect place for relaxing throughout the whole year. The entire area is ecologically clean, with fresh mountain air and lots of full – watered rivers, famous with their variety of fish species and vegetation. In proximity to village of Levka there are several wells and lakes which are suitable for fishing, hunting and other amusements.

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При дългосрочно наемане - попитайте за оферта!!! Ще ви дадем добра цена!!!

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Три спални и баня на втория етаж, една спалня на първи етаж и кухня с трапезария

При дългосрочно наемане - попитайте за оферта!!! Ще ви дадем добра цена!!!
 The house comprises two reception rooms, living room and 3 bedrooms.  The property is renovated recently and the house is supplied with running water, electricity and SAT TV. The house is built in 60 years of the twentieth century and is renovated in 2012. The place is amazing for rural and eco holiday. It consists of 3 bedrooms and a hall on the second floor with new wooden flooring and ceiling, and fully fitted bathroom. First floor consists of a room and lounge refurbished with beautiful stone terra-cotta and new wooden ceiling. In the yard there are trellis vine, fruit trees and flowers.
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